From the basics like greens and fried chicken to luscious desserts like peach cobbler - it's soul food made simple with sauces, fry and baking mixes, vegetables, and seasonings.
  • Hoppin’ John

    A must dish for New Year’s – blend of black eye peas, tomatoes and spices. This southern blend comes in a 14.5 oz. can.

  • Field Peas with Snaps

    Field Peas have real southern roots. When you add snaps and Sylvia’s special seasoning to these peas, you have a soul satisfying dish.

  • Pure Black Pepper

    Course ground for a stronger, sharper flavor, Sylvia’s Black Pepper seasoning may be simple when it comes to ingredients, but is no where near when it comes to flavor.

  • Black Eye Peas

    A New Year’s tradition for good luck – Sylvia’s Black Eye Peas are the essence of soul food. The peas are specially seasoned for an easy side dish or can be utilized in a cold salad with chopped vegetables.

  • Great Greens Seasoning

    A blend of onion, garlic and spices that will make your greens and all your vegetable dishes great.

  • Chicken Rub

    Rub this chicken seasoning in and flavor the meat right to the bone. No chicken leaves Sylvia’s kitchen without the “flavor rub.”

  • Mustard Greens

    Greens are a soul food staple, and these Mustard Greens have Sylvia’s special touch.

  • Mixed Greens

    A special combination of Turnip and Mustard greens with Sylvia’s soulful seasoning make a southern combination that cannot go wrong with any main dish it supports.

  • Tomatoes, Okra, & Corn

    A perfect blend of the South’s favorite vegetables, Sylvia’s Tomatoes, Okra, & Corn can please even the most authentic soul food chefs. It can be used in soups as well as stews.

  • Hot Spice Sizzlin’

    Turn up the heat with Sylvia’s recipe for adding serious spice, while keeping the flavor of the dish.

  • Lemon Pepper

    This seasoning balances the zesty citrus zing of lemon with the bite of black pepper and throws in a few secret ingredients for good measure.

  • Steak Rub Seasoning

    Sylvia’s steak Rub Seasoning is actually a blend perfected by Sylvia’s son, Kenneth, the grill master in the family. Apply it to steak and refrigerate for 2 hours for incredible flavor.

  • Peach Cobbler Mix

    The #1 dessert at Sylvia’s Restaurant is her Peach Cobbler. Sylvia’s special spices sprinkled on the sweet flavors of her Peach Cobbler give it a real southern flare.

  • Collard Greens

    A soul food classic, Sylvia can’t open the doors of her restaurant without her Collard Greens. No work is required to get plenty of flavor out of this great staple.

  • Kicking Hot, Hot Sauce

    Sylvia’s uses this sauce to give an extra kick to just about everything that is cooked in the restaurant. First comes the flavor and then comes the heat!

  • Squash with Vidalia Onions

    The sweetness of Sylvia’s Vidalia onions brings out the best in her yellow summer squash and adds a southern touch to any meal.

  • Turnip Greens

    Greens are a soul food staple, and these Turnip Greens have Sylvia’s special touch.

  • Fish Fry Mix

    A stand alone fish fry mix – no need to add any other seasonings. You can also use it for baking fish.

  • Pinto Beans

    Seasoned with Sylvia’s authentic southern flare, these beans have a rich gravy and hearty flavor that will give your rice and bean dish new meaning.

  • Secret Seasoning

    Some dishes require patience and this is the seasoning for slow cooked dishes like soups, stews and casseroles. You won’t believe it’s salt free!

  • Apple Crisp Mix

    This is apple pie the southern way – with a crispy, crumbled crust on top. The fruit stays extra moist and flavorful because the juices don’t run away.

  • Rib Rub ‘n More Seasoning

    Whether it’s pork ribs, beef short ribs, pork loin or country ribs, Sylvia’s Rib Rub ‘n More does it all. “Rub it and love it!”

  • Soulful Seasoned Salt

    Sylvia’s authentic southern seasoning – it’s salt with soul. This mix gives everything a home cooked southern flavor.

  • Sweet Cookin Dippin Moppin Sauce

    At Sylvia’s Restaurant, this sauce is used for cooking, basting, marinating and just about any recipe that needs a sweet and sassy touch.

  • Chicken Fry Mix

    You don’t even need to salt and pepper to season your chicken when you use Sylvia’s Chicken Fry mix. You’ll get the crispy, southern fried taste of true comfort food that most everyone craves on a daily basis.

  • Triple Strength Hot Sauce

    You’ll find a bottle of Triple Hot on every table in Sylvia’s Restaurant. For those who are daring enough, customers use it to give dishes an extra hot dash of zip.

  • Red Beans and Rice

    Red Beans & Rice straight from Sylvia’s kitchen is a fabulous side dish that can be served with just about everything. Adding smoked sausage to the contents of the can makes a lively meal.

  • Golden Cornbread and Muffin Mix

    Southern and sweet – just add milk and an egg and you have Sylvia’s secret cornbread, hot and fresh from your oven.

  • Hush Puppies Mix

    There’s nothing more southern than hush puppies and no better version than Sylvia’s. Sweet and flavorful, this mix is a real southern staple.

  • Yams in Light Syrup

    Grade A yams with just the right amount of southern sweetness are the only thing Sylvia will use in her restaurant. Sylvia’s yams are natural for any holiday sweet potato pie or casserole.


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