To bring classic French cuisine to life in your kitchen, the fine vinegars from Maitre Jacques will add ideal flavors to your dressings, glazes, sauces and more.
Maitre Jacques
  • Escargot – 12 CT

    Only the finest snails are harvested to bring you this authentic French specialty. This product shows why Escargot are such a delicacy in this most famous and applauded cuisine in the world.

  • Raspberry Wine Vinegar

    Raspberries are picked in the French countryside at the most optimal time and infused into Maître Jacques’ Raspberry French Vinegar. Its fruity flavor makes this vinegar less acidic.

  • Sherry Vinegar

    Its fruity, mellow Sherry flavor introduces an exotic note suitable for deglazing and adding towards the end of cooking. This vinegar is excellent with roast dishes (such as pork or quails with grapes) and as an addition to slow cooked meat dishes (beef, etc.).

  • Tarragon Sprig Vinegar

    A sprig of Tarragon is carefully selected to provide a unique flavor to our Tarragon Sprig French Vinegar. This vinegar is ideal for summer salads and flavoring Mediterranean style salads.

  • Champagne Wine Vinegar

    The finest Grand Champagne grapes provide the base for this delicious vinegar. Make cabbage more digestible and reduce cooking smells by adding this to cooking water.