Kitchens of India's traditional curries, sauces, pastes, biryanis, and desserts allow you to bring professional-quality dishes to life in your home; their prepared traditional snacks and complete Indian meals can be heated in minutes to hit the spot.
Kitchens of India
  • Butter Chicken Curry Paste

    This rich, mildly spiced concentrated paste recreates the taste of truly mouth-watering Butter Chicken. Just add water, butter and tender pieces of chicken. Cook and serve.

  • Dal Bukhara – Black Lentil Curry

    Bukhara is traditionally known as open-air cooking, yet when most of the resources required are out of reach, Ready-To-Eat Dal Bukhara steps in nicely. Kitchens of India’s lentils simmering in a thick tomato base are nothing short of perfection.

  • Tandoori Tikka Marinade

    Hints of ginger and garlic come through in this wonderful Tandoori Tikka Marinade. Kitchens of India truly sets itself apart with its tastes from every corner of the namesake country.

  • Sweet Sliced Mango Chutney

    Sweet and sour slices of prime Indian mangoes marinated in a mildly spiced, ginger-garlic syrup combine in Kitchens of India’s Sweet Sliced Mango Chutney. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour and spicy, this chutney is sheer unforgettable delight.

  • Yellow Dal Tadka – Split Lentil Curry

    Yellow Dal Tadka has a beautiful and vibrant color to go along with its savory lentils, great spices and yummy tang.

  • Palak Paneer – Spinach with Cottage Cheese & Sauce

    Palak Paneer is a great taste sensation with its mix of spinach and cheese. As Ready-to-Eat’s tagline, “Just heat and eat,” states, this product has an extremely easy and quick preparation time.

  • Kashmiri Biryani

    Kitchen of India’s Kashmiri Biryani is a vegetable pilaf cooked with select dry fruits and a dash of saffron that will surely leave you wanting more.

  • Moong Dal Halwa – Yellow Lentil & Milk Pudding

    Kitchens of India Moon Dal Halwa is a great dessert to finish any Indian themed feast. Pudding is not always thought of when India comes to mind, but this product makes a strong case for why it should.

  • Hyderabadi Korma – Rich Cashew & Cumin Cooking Sauce

    A sauce that is an exquisite and sumptuous combination of mild spices, cumin and cashew nut, delicately prepared to pamper your palate. Just add your choice of chicken or vegetables to savor the taste the Nawabs of Hyderabad.

  • Chicken Curry Paste

    Thick tomato-onion gravy, which combines the highest quality spices in just the right measure by following an authentic Chicken Curry recipe. Just add succulent pieces of chicken. Cook and serve.

  • Petha Halwa – Pumpkin & Milk Pudding

    Petha Halwa’s pumpkin influence sets it apart from the yellow lentils and simmering milk of Moong Dal Halwa. Despite differing flavors, both puddings from Kitchens of India are equally delectable.

  • Fish Curry Paste

    Rich, mildly spiced concentrated paste with handpicked spices added in perfect proportions to recreate truly authentic Fish Curry. Just add fresh pieces of fish and cook. Serve with a dash of lime.

  • Hyderabadi Biryani – Basmati Rice Pilaf with Vegetables

    Kitchen of India’s Hyderabadi Biryani is a savory vegetable pilaf delicately flavored with select spices, from the city of Hyderabad.

  • Kashmiri Rogan Josh – Spicy Tomato & Ginger Cooking Sauce

    Tomatoes blended perfectly with onions, seasoned with ginger and aromatic Indian spices, giving you flavorful sauce for a classic dish from the princely state of Kashmir. Just add your choice of meat to sample a taste of heaven.

  • Navratan Korma – Mixed Vegetable & Cottage Cheese Curry

    A wide assortment of veggies are simmered in a cashew based curry in this take on Navratan Korma. Other ingredients such as cottage cheese give this delicacy an enormous variety of tastes.

  • Pindi Chana – Chick Pea Curry

    Chick peas and tomatoes combine as the main ingredients in this classic Northern Indian dish. Kitchens of India Pindi Chana is not only a time saver, but a family pleaser as well.

  • Pav Bhaji – Mashed Vegetable Curry

    Like Navratan Korma, Pav Bhaji from Kitchens of India utilizes vibrant vegetables in this slightly spicy meal. Pav Bhaji is efficient when considering cooking time and efficient in packing as many flavors as possible in a one meal package.

  • Punjabi Tikka Masala – Rich Creamy Tomato Cooking Sauce

    A delectable combination of hand picked tomatoes and fresh cream, flavored with spices; to give you the perfect sauce for a mouth watering dish from the state of Punjab. Just add succulent pieces of chicken or fresh cottage cheese, to re-experience an Indian classic.

  • Rajma Masala – Red Kidney Bean Curry

    A perfectly spiced tomato gravy gives a great base for simmering Red Kidney beans in Kitchens of India Rajma Masala.

  • Tikka Masala Curry Paste

    Artfully blended by the Master Chefs of ITC Hotels to create the authentic Indian taste of Tikka Masala – a mouth – watering dish from the North Indian state of Punjab.

  • Aloo Mutter – Diced Potato and Pea Curry

    For those that enjoy a medium spice, Aloo Mutter brings potatoes and green peas together for an unforgettable curry classic. Its slow cooking process ensures the correct taste and texture as is true to Indian cuisine.

  • Chicken Stew Curry Paste

    Hailing from the South-Western coast of India, the flavors of the Curry Paste for Malabari Chicken Stew are globally loved. The bright white color is due to the yummy coconut base.

  • Mutter Paneer – Green Peas and Cottage Cheese Curry

    Kitchens of India Mutter Paneer will please every vegetarian with cottage cheese and green peas being the stars of this product.

  • Bombay Kadai – Cilantro & Tomato Cooking Sauce

    A selection of the highest quality tomatoes, ground with cilantro and fragrant spices in a kadai (Indian Wok), giving you a savory Indian sauce with plenty of zest. Just add your choice of chicken or vegetables to celebrate the diverse taste of the melting pot of India -Bombay.

  • Lamb Curry Paste

    Rich, mildly spiced, concentrated aromatic gravy that brings out the taste that is faithful to the original, traditional Mutton Curry. Just add chunks of boned lamb and cook and serve.

  • Malai Tikka Marinade

    Indian kebabs are a real treat when you add Kitchens of India Malai Tikka Marinade. Its rich and creamy texture pairs perfectly with any meat or vegetable, especially lamb.

  • Delhi Dum Aloo – Onion & Yogurt Cooking Sauce

    A delightful combination of fresh yogurt and fennel seeds, spiced with aromatic green cardamoms, giving you a mild yet delicious sauce. Just add baby potatoes to relish a North Indian vegetarian classic, that’s a favorite of the nation’s capital.

  • Shredded Mango Chutney

    The pride of every meal in western India is the sweet accompaniment, the shredded sweet mango chutney – the Chundo, which captures the essence of an Indian summer. And authentic. Rich accompaniment to any Indian meal.


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Kitchens of India