Jules Destrooper biscuits are elegantly crafted combinations featuring fine chocolates, rich European butter, ginger, cinnamon and delicately crisp cookies that make for the ideal dessert. Try their diverse selection at your next party or simply keep them for yourself.
Jules Destrooper
  • Belgian Chocolate Virtuoso

    Summer butter, Belgian milk and dark chocolate and a hint of cinnamon. These virtuoso biscuits will surprise you with their versatility of flavor: creamy and spicy, with notes of cocoa and cinnamon. A soft, crunchy biscuit coated in the softest chocolate.

  • Rice Crisp Crunch

    Puffed rice, summer butter, Belgian chocolate. A nice balance between a light and crispy biscuit: one is encased with luscious milk chocolate, while the other his dipped in dark chocolate. A delicious treat.

  • Paris Butter Waffles

    Jules Destrooper Paris Butter Waffles are a delectable blend of summer butter, vanilla, eggs and flour baked into a feather-light, crisp biscuit. Slightly larger than our classic Butter Waffles – giving you even more to enjoy!

  • Almond Thins

    Jules Destrooper Butter Almond Cookies bake Valencia almonds in a razor-thin biscuit made of summer butter, sugar and flour for a sweet and delightfully crispy treat with a delicious roasted and caramelized taste. This is larger format of classic Jules Destrooper Almond Thins.

  • Butter Waffles

    Jules Destrooper Butter Waffles combine summer butter, vanilla, eggs and flour; a mixture that is transformed into a feather-light crisp biscuit in the oven. This light, airy butter waffle is finished with a gentle whisper of vanilla and baked to a golden brown.

  • Butter Crisps

    Summer butter, sugar, eggs and flour … Together they combine to create a crunchy biscuit that wins everyone over because of the rich taste of butter and caramelized sugar. A real legend.

  • Belgian Chocolate Thins

    Jules Destrooper Chocolate Thins are crispy, thin, and covered with 3 varieties of real Belgian chocolate – dark, milk and white chocolate. These thins are perfect for the chocolate lover who cannot pick a favorite.

  • Ginger Thins

    A crunchy biscuit with a kick, thanks to ginger and a hint of cinnamon. Ginger is known for its medicinal properties. It is said to be beneficial for motion sickness, throat ache and is also good for your circulation


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Jules Destrooper