Jolly Time provides classic popcorn as well as flavored seasonings such as cheese, salt, and butter to enhance one of everyone's favorite snacks.
Jolly Time
  • Butter-Licious Popcorn Seasoning

    Jolly Time Buttery Flavored Salt is a super fine grained buttery flavored salt, especially made for popcorn. It also enhances the flavor of French fries, corn on the cob and your favorite vegetables.

  • Salt O Riffic Super Fine Popcorn Seasoning

    Jolly Time Salt O Riffic is an easy way to change up any bland popcorn. Just sprinkling this seasoning on the popcorn while it is still hot will add a gracious amount of character to this movie time treat.

  • The Big Cheez Popcorn Seasoning

    Able to be used on a wide number of dishes that are not just limited to popcorns, Jolly Time The Big Cheez adds cheesy flavor in the form of a seasoning to substitute out the gooey, unhealthy addition.

  • White Cheddar Riffic Popcorn Seasoning

    Jolly Time White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning is similar to Cheesy Popcorn Seasoning, but is made with white cheddar cheese. This seasoning is extremely delicious on popcorn, hamburgers and your favorite vegetables.