Thin, whole grain, high-fiber, NonGMO crackers offered in original, multigrain, caraway, plus five, sea salt, sesame and herb flavors, FINN CRISP crackers are the perfect platform for your favorite snack.
Finn Crisp
  • Caraway Thin Rye Crispbread

    Thin Rye Crispbread with highly aromatic Caraway that adds an anise-like flavor and depth to the classic rye crisp recipe. These thin crisps pair well with a variety of cheeses.

  • Multigrain Thin Crispbread

    Finn Crisp Multigrain Thin Crisps are a great health conscious alternative to the original Thin Crisp. The crisp is still entirely reminiscent of its rye counterparts, but it also has a balanced grainy taste coming from four different grains: wholegrain rye, wholegrain oat, barley and millet.

  • Original Thin Rye Crispbread

    This classic wholegrain recipe still remains the most loved flavor by Finn Crisp consumers. lt has a rich rye taste and a deliciously crunchy mouth feel.

  • Five Whole Grains Thin Crispbread

    Five different grains are in this wholegrain Thin Crisp. Paired with cheese, or on its own, this crisp is a fantastic, healthy snack.

  • Traditional Swedish Round Knackerbrod Rye Crispbread

    100 % rye flour is used in this sugar, fat, and cholesterol free traditional Swedish round knackerbrod rye crispbread. The Siljans pairs wonderfully with cheese, jam, or anything else you prefer.


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Finn Crisp