El Rio’s signature nacho cheese sauce, as well as other Mexican favorites are sure to provide the flavor you need to make your favorite Mexican dishes at home.
el Rio
  • Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce

    For more traditional heat, try el Rio MILD Cheese Sauce on your nachos. Crispy golden chips have never tasted better than when this sauce is drizzled on them.

  • Nacho Cheese Sauce

    El Rio Nacho Cheese sauce is the family favorite for every fiesta. The gooey and delicious qualities will make sure everyone is asking for more.

  • Fajita Seasoning Mix

    el Rio Fajita seasoning mix makes your fajitas sing with the perfect combination of Mexican spices. The sizzling meats and vegetables you choose are crying out for some extra spice, which is so expertly crafted by el Rio’s chefs.

  • Burrito Seasoning Mix

    For a can’t miss Burrito, start with el Rio Burrito Seasoning Mix. The burrito business in the United States has grown exponentially in the last couple years and this Burrito seasoning mix is what is needed to bring the trend home with ease.

  • Baja Style Fish Taco Sauce

    El Rio Fish Taco Sauce, Baja style, comes in an easy squeeze bottle and allows you to recreate restaurant style fish tacos in your own home!

  • Taco Seasoning Mix

    It isn’t a taco unless it has el Rio Taco Seasoning mix. Top quality ingredients like onion and ground chili peppers are sure to perk up the flavors of already tasty tacos.

  • Hot Nacho Cheese Sauce

    Heat up any party with el Rio HOT Nacho Cheese Sauce. This can holds 15oz of flavor and fiesta!