China Bowl's rice sticks, noodles, seasoning and sauces give any cook the necessary staples for a great Chinese meal at home.
China Bowl
  • Toasted Sesame Seeds

    A key ingredient in stir-fries and meats from around Asia, Toasted Sesame Seeds from China Bowl are extremely versatile.

  • Chili Puree with Garlic

    Chili puree with garlic has a very specific hot and sour taste that has to be gently used; when used correctly, it can make a world of difference!

  • Rice Sticks

    China Bowl Rice Sticks are a great gluten free alternative to noodles, an integral ingredient in many of China’s traditional meals. This Chinese export is admirably authentic as well.

  • Five Spice Powder

    Spices like ginger, fennel, and black pepper make up a deep flavor profile that can change meals completely with just a small pinch.

  • Hoisin Sauce

    Chinese cuisine uses Hoisin Sauce in many ways – for stir-fries, as a meat glaze, and even a dipping sauce. China Bowl’s Hoisin Sauce should be your first thought when any recipe includes it in its ingredients list.