From the classic family recipe, to smoky barbecue, sweet and savory combos, specially-crafted game marinades, and sauces that add heat and spice to anything you grill, baste, broil or bake, Allegro has a bottle of unique flavor for your next great meal.
  • Raspberry Chipotle Marinade

    Allegro welcomes this unique, sweet-with-heat mix to its exclusive blends line of marinades. Soy sauce, tangy raspberries, smoky chipotle pepper, and special spices combine to create a unique flavor sure to please all the discerning palates at your table.

  • Hot & Spicy Marinade

    Allegro’s Hot & Spicy Marinade finds its origin in Deep South Cajun country, a place of unique spices, peppers, and French flavors. This renowned marinade delivers subtle heat and “tang” without a hot aftertaste, which makes it perfect for those of you who like extra heat without super long-lasting effects.

  • Game Tame Marinade

    Developed to delight even the most hard-core hunters and and fishermen, Allegro’s Game Tame Marinade is the official marinade of Duck’s Unlimited. Now anyone can serve up a tender, uniquely flavored catch with the secret of this wild game marinade!

  • Gold Buckle Brisket & Fajita Sauce

    With Allegro’s Gold Buckle Brisket & Fajita Sauce, you can serve a tender, flavorful brisket or sizzling fajitas with just the right amount of kick. And it’s not just a sauce! Gold Buckle also makes for a great marinade as special ingredients tenderize your meat and add an enticing blend of spice and mesquite smoke flavor. Be a brisket expert with your first bottle!

  • Teriyaki Marinade

    This blend of soy, Asian spices and savory Polynesian flavor is wonderful on everything from chicken to pork … and even if it’s just veggies. It’s a sweet, sour, spicy marinade that doesn’t take long to make a big difference in your meal.

  • Spicy BBQ Sauce

    We added more punch to our delectable barbecue sauce to give your grilled and smoked meals that extra spice everyone around the table is sure to love. Be sure to have both Allegro Original BBQ Sauce and Allegro Spicy BBQ Sauce on hand to please everyone at the table!

  • Honey BBQ Sauce

    Allegro’s honey BBQ sauce is blended with (you guessed it!) real honey and imparts a true taste delight. Use it as you grill to allow the sweetness to caramelize instead of burning, like many sugar-based sauces. As a finishing sauce, it lends a sweet, flavorful glaze to any dish.

  • Original BBQ Sauce

    Definitely a grill’s best friend! Allegro has created the perfect companion for your barbecue meals – inside or outdoors. Distinctive spice and hickory smoke flavor add just the right taste to complement your grilling – Allegro style!

  • Soy & Lime Marinade

    Versatile and surprising, Soy & Lime Marinade is a special addition to Allegro’s collection of exclusive marinade blends. The flavor in this brisk medley of soy sauce, lime, and special spices is heightened by a bold bite of horseradish. Delightful taste on any menu!

  • Hickory Smoke Marinade

    Want to up your grilling game? Add Allegro Hickory Smoke Marinade to every cookout and bring the undeniably delicious taste of roasted meat over hickory wood chips to ever meal. The flavor and tenderizing properties of this marinade make it one of our most popular.

  • Nashville Hot Marinade

    Inspired by our friends in Music City, Allegro’s brand new marinade brings a hearty dose of spice to all your meals – whether they’re chicken or not! Made with a delicious blend of spices, Allegro’s Nashville Hot Chicken Marinade will add a kick that’s sure to delight all the spiciest folks at your table.

  • Original Marinade

    The marinade that started it all! The Original Allegro Marinade began as a way for Dave and Betsy Wilcox to infuse flavor into basic, and has turned into a decades-long favorite for virtually every dish. Start with this marinade and experience how it tenderizes meats and gives them a unique, delectable flavor. You can even use it to prepare vegetables or soup stock. Delicious taste—endless possibilities!


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